Welcome To the Core Sound Decoy Carvers Guild

The Core Sound Decoy Carvers Guild is dedicated to the preservation of the waterfowl carving heritage that runs deep through the history of the Core Sound area in North Carolina. Our celebrated past is defined by many aspects beyond the art of carving decoys. People, decoys, duck calls, artists, photographers, folklore, and collectors are but a few of the many aspects of the Core Sound Decoy Carving heritage that make up the guild.

It is our mission to safeguard and preserve the memory of those pioneers who helped define the Core Sound decoy carving heritage by offering an honest view of the past, while increasing awareness and appreciation of waterfowl, and providing demonstrations and workshops so that the decoy carving heritage will continue on to the next generation.

It is our hope that by providing a glimpse into the past, and a look at the present, the future of decoy carving may be preserved. To help make this possible, the Core Sound Decoy Carvers Guild welcomes you to become a member today.

Decoy Festival Information

Harkers Island comes to life the first full weekend in December each year as the Core Sound Decoy Guild holds its annual Core Sound Decoy Festival. People have been making the pilgrimage to the event since 1988.

The 31st Annual Core Sound Decoy Festival will be held on Saturday, December 1st and Sunday, December 2nd at the Harkers Island Elementary School.

The festival has many attractions that include antique decoy exhibits, retriever demonstrations, competitions including duck calling, loon calling, head whittling, and a live and silent auction. There’s always delicious food offered by Harkers Island Elementary School staff and volunteers, and plenty of shopping opportunities from the many vendors who flock to the festival each year.

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Decoy Festival Video